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Cruising the Oceans on My Personal Cruiser

Luxury Cruiser enjoying the ocean

Growing up I had always wanted expensive toys. Fast cars, quality clothes and the latest technology. However there was one thing that was at the top of my list. My own personal ocean cruiser.

There is a certain attractiveness about the ocean that is appealing to me. However the cost of boating has always seemed a step above any land vehicle. At this point of my life I just want it all. No cost is too much. Buying a little speed boat just wasn't going to cut it for me. So I found a badass luxury cruiser and went for it.

Now I have the flexibility to live comfortably on the sea for extended periods of time. There is plenty of room for me and heaps of guests. I even have a big party planned next year for my wife that is set to be nothing short of spectacular. We will take out 50 friends and family starting in Sydney Harbour and then cruise out to sea. With so much room to entertain there is never a dull moment.

Sometimes I love just kicking back and fishing off the back of my cruiser. But there are also luxury living quarters, in house cinema that can seat 15 people, games room, kitchen, dining and plenty of other chill areas.

If you have some money tucked away I totally recommend getting your own cruiser. It is so much fun. Sure you may have to drop a couple of mill but it is definitely worth the expense. For those times when you just want to get away, heading out to sea for a couple of nights is pure pleasure. You truly can be in the middle of nowhere with no distractions if you choose. But of course with the sophisticated technology you are always connected and can easily stay on course.