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My Most Important Lesson - Keep Security High

Security Gate

When I was younger and started to make my first million I soon discovered what was to be my most important lesson in life. That was to keep security high. Now with the help of my local locksmiths my home and contents has never felt more secure.

But before I get into the intricate details of how this awesome team are keeping my current assets safe and secure, let me tell you about how I learnt my lesson.

The year was 2006 and I had just entered the world of the stock market. I was fortunate enough to have won a $10,000 prize on a radio station and after enjoying a couple of thousand with my friends I tested my luck on stocks. I never really know how I did it but I got lucky on the first few deals. Once I understood the technique better I was able to really score big. I quickly turned the $6000 that I started investing into $60,000 and was using the 10x factor to turn that into $600,000. Of course it was hard work but it really was a dream come true.

I them started investing in property and began using the equity of one home to fund the next. It wasn't too long before I had multiple homes in awesome locations all over Australia. While some homes I would rent out, I also kept some private so that I had my choice of holiday venues scattered around Oz.

It was at this time that I was quite careless with security and this is when I got stung. You see I never considered how many other keys were out there in the world. Not even for my own properties. Then one night when I was arriving at my holiday venue in Queensland's Sunshine Coast I discovered that I had been robbed. But it was not your typical robbery. There were no signs of break and enter. That was because the thieves were simply able to enter with their old key! I had never changed the locks.

From that moment on I discovered lock rekeying. A simple but skilled procedure performed by qualified locksmiths that allows all previous keys for that lock to become useless. Effectively using the same lock but creating a new set of keys to operate it. Such a simple mistake but oh so costly. I bet the previous owners could not believe their luck when they tried to enter their old place and found their key still worked! My own fault really.

Anyways, from that moment on I now have all locks for any new premises that I acquire to be all rekeyed. Of course only if the locks are of suitable quality, but most of the time they are. If not I would have the locks upgraded to a more reliable and secure model and brand. A simple procedure to follow, but of course I am one of the stupid ones who learnt the hard way.

I hope you enjoyed my story on my most important lesson and hope that you can benefit from this knowledge to not make the same mistake I did.