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How to Become Rich, Just Like Me

Many people are where they are now simply because they have not wanted to better themselves by reading. That is a statement that was held true by the late world renowned motivational speaker Dr. Myles Munroe who boasted of regularly updating his shelf every month and to his credit, even his businesses and his acumen grew to even be consulted by billionaires, cooperates and world governments. Whatever you want is simply out there, you simply have to find it.

Think of books like ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and ‘The Automatic Millionaire’. These are timely resources that unfortunately have to be under-utilized in an ever fast paced world where people prefer short cuts instead of taking the time to study to build their trade.

Let’s face it; it takes discipline to succeed and humans are resistant to change as they love the comfortable. People who have so made it are risk takers and spend a lot of time studying their trade, nobody is simply a know it all. It takes management skills for you to succeed in a business.

Two people can be running the same business but one succeeds and the other fails. This is simply a case of management issue and that can be salvaged by studying management skills and therefore this should be the number one studying course for businesses.


Never be afraid to link with people who have the same interest with you even if it is for a small cut. The more healthy networks you can build the more your chances of succeeding are. This has been true of people like Donald Trump not to mention the franchise fast food businesses that have done so well even outside the States.

The truth is, if you do all the work, you would probably get burned out or become less efficient in your business. Networking works best on incentives to the customer which attracts the customer to the local business and overall contributes to the success of the business and its affiliates. Networking also works on the principle of training. A good manager will not withhold information but will train the workers so that they own the business. Regularly conduct in house or off house training to upgrade your business

Advertisement and Branding

This is simply a concerted effort to put your business out there. I guarantee you there is somebody out there who need what you got and you haven’t shared it with him. Train or link up with good marketing to pitch your business. Let your workers own the business by regularly motivating them and equipping them with the business language of your product.

Today we have online marketers who can boost your business to any part of the world with the rise of Social Media. Know the needs of your workers and work around your product to cater for these needs. People have problems and they are looking for problem solvers.

It is said that in Chinese there is no word for the crisis but instead of this word, they have the word opportunity and so while the rest of the world is crying out in crisis. They are crying out: ‘opportunity, opportunity!’ Address this problem and how you are going to solve it and it beams on the customer that is exactly what they are looking for.


We live in a world where there are more consumers than producers. It is evident that people consume more than they invest. Think of ways of how you can cut on your expenditure. Investing money for example in unit trusts consistently no matter how little the money is.
No money is too little. If you, for example, saved five dollars a day for the rest of your life that would amount to being a millionaire by the time you retire from work. If you invest well you can work yourself away from employment.

The land is a good investment and you’re sure to reap benefits from real estate as they always go up. Also, avoid short cuts like betting’s as they are addictive and any addiction has to be supplied with money to keep it going and cuts down on your discipline.