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Luxury Lifestyle at Sea: Up and Coming Superyacht Destinations for 2018

Superyacht at Auckland

Just like everything else, the world of luxury yachting is subject to the whims of fashion, and the changing tides of style. A few years ago, it was on a trend to rock up to some of the world’s most popular and populated yacht resorts in your boat, and party with anybody and everybody you could. More recently, the spirit of adventure has taken over the yachting scene, and yachters are now on the lookout for coastal regions which have plenty of this year’s buzzword: authenticity.

‘Authenticity’ has become hugely important to the superyacht industry. It has seen small, Old World port towns - dripping with ancient ruins and rustic charm - become popular yachting destinations, alongside virginal tropical paradises, all but untouched by modern man.

Let’s take a quick look through some of 2018’s hottest new destinations to explore with your yacht and the places which are sure to become future favorites for those chartering a vessel for their holidays.

Porto Montenegro

The Mediterranean will always have a significant pull for the superyacht community. It’s a part of the world where history is woven into the landscape, and la dolce vita is never hard to find. However, for those seeking something a little different from the overcrowded resorts of the French Riviera, it’s well worth looking a little further east, where plenty of stunning treasures are waiting to be found.

There’s been a huge amount of buzz around Montenegro this year, as the small, southern country has begun investing enormously in its luxury tourism credentials, including improving its beautiful medieval port. The port is set in the UNESCO world heritage protected Boka Bay, a spectacular region which boasts an array of stunning natural features, as well as ancient, crumbling ruins, pretty terracotta-tiled restaurants, and plenty of water sports facilities, art galleries, bars and everything else a superyacht sailor could wish for!

Christophe Harbour, St Kitts

St. Kitts has understandably been on the superyacht radar for some time now, thanks to its stunning climate, impeccable landscape, and great luxury party scene. However, a new development - Christophe Harbour - is taking the yachting world by storm thanks to its more laid back, naturalistic approach, perfectly fitting with the desires of 2017’s superyacht explorers.

Christophe Harbour very much sees itself as a ‘destination marina’, and is going to start considerably expanding over the next few years. However, for those seeking beauty, purity and luxury rolled into one, it’s advised to get there soon, and before the crowds arrive. You’ll be greeted by crystalline, turquoise waters, a stunning view of the verdant mountains which typify the area, and a peninsula which is as unspoiled as it is beautiful, dotted with fine restaurants, exclusive wine bars and fishing ports which act as the perfect getaway.

Calauit Island, Philippines

If you’re looking for a really wild adventure as part of your superyacht holiday, then Calauit Island in the Philippines is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. The island was once home to the eccentric Marcos dynasty and is now a nature reserve which invites superyachts to cruise around it, as a sort of safari destination for the world’s elites.

However, Calauit Island is not just a haven for the Philippines’ native species. It also boasts the chance to spot several imported African species and big game animals, such as giraffes and zebra, which were brought to the island as part of the Marcos family private zoo.